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14th - 30th JUNE 2021
3 Tiers of mouthwatering appetisers and decadent desserts
Served with warm mulled cherry cider from Simple Cider
or you may prefer a hot chocolate with marshmallows, glass of wine, beer or cider.
Come in and enjoy winter with us!
pre-bookings required (day before at the latest).
$30 per head 
High Tea at Wicked Cheese 
Every Wednesday 2:30pm - pre bookings required.
Please contact the store direct if you would like to arrange a High Tea with your friends/family on another day (minimum booking 4 people). We will try our best to accommodate.
$25 per head
Coffee or tea or $30 per head glass of wine in place of coffee and tea
Scones, gourmet sandwiches, desserts, chocolate and Wicked Cheese
**Please note we do not offer a gluten free option on the High Tea, sorry and any inconvenience.**
(Gluten free options available additional charges apply)
All day menu 10am – 4:00pm
Cheese Platter - with fruit paste, dried fruit, melba toast &crackers
Platter for one $17.00 - Choice of 4 Wicked Cheeses
Platter for two people $23.00 - Choice of 6 Wicked Cheeses
Brie, Camembert, Goats, blue vein & assorted flavoured Cheddar
Add a side (serve for one):
$3.00 - green olives, chicken pate
$4.00 – smoked salmon, ukrainian sausage, smoked walnuts, smoked trout pate
Mini cheese plate $8.00 – brie and 2 cheddars, melba toast & crackers
Lunch menu 11:30 – 2:45pm
Soup served with toasted sourdough $12.00
Snag - Cheese kransky, onion relish, cheddar, honey mustard in a baguette $13.00
Pate – Choice of salmon, trout or chicken pate served with salad and melba toast $13.50
Toasted sandwich - cheese & onion $7.00 or ham, cheese & tomato $8.00
Toasted Turkish roll – $14.00
Veggie – blackcurrant paste, semi dried tomatoes, red onion, brie and mesclun lettuce mix
Ham – smoked cheddar, tomato relish, semi dried tomatoes, mesclun lettuce mix
Turkey – brie, blackcurrant paste, tomato, red onion, mesclun lettuce mix
Veggie Burger - $14.00 - Falafel burger, brie, onion, tomato, lettuce, yoghurt cheese
Chicken Burger - $16.00 – chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onion, brie, garlic aioli
Beef Burger - $16.00 Beef patty, lettuce, cheese, beetroot and relish, toasted bun (extra burger $3.00)
Wicked Platter - $25.00 (for 1) $47.00 (for 2) $62.00 (for 3)
An assortment of Wicked Cheese (soft & cheddar) cold meats (cured), smoked salmon, pate, lemon pepper yoghurt cheese ball, relish and salad.
Hot drinks
Coffee - Cup $4.00 Mug $4.50 Babycino - $2.00
Espresso, long black, flat white, latte, cappuccino, Mocha, chai latte, short/long macchiato
Coffee Syrups – vanilla, caramel & Hazelnut - 50c
Tea - $3.50 for one, $6.00 for two
Earl grey, English breakfast, chamomile, lemon, peppermint, green tea
Hot chocolate $5.00
Vienna hot chocolate – cup $4.00 mug - $6.50
**surcharge for soy, almond, lactose free and extra shots**
Desserts - Please see dessert board for today’s selection of desserts, cakes and muffins
Cold drinks Dew South - bottled Tasmanian water (still) $2.50 (sparkling) $4.50
Fruit Juice $3.50 - Soft drinks - $4.50
Hartz: lime, sarsaparilla, raspberry, lemonade, orange, lemon lime & bitters
Pepsi Max, Spreyton ginger beer, orange juice, apple juice
Malted Milk or Milk shakes - $5.50
Banana, caramel, chocolate, coffee, lime, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, honeycomb
Iced chocolate or Iced coffee -$6.50
Alcoholic beverages - Tasmanian
Sparkling: Pages Creek $9 per glass $38.00per bottle
White & Rose: Pig & D’Pooch Moscato, Drew Riesling, Drew Chardonnay, Drew Rose,
Clarence House Sauvignon Blanc $9 per glass $30 per bottle
Red: Lake Agnes Pinot Noir, Drew Pinot Noir $9 per glass $30 per bottle
Drew Cabernet Sauvignon $9 per glass $35 per bottle
Wine by the bottle (by the glass not available):
Drew Cabernet Merlot $34.00, Nocton Estate Merlot $35.00, Drew Shiraz $40.00
Beer List
Last Rites Ale local craft beer - $7.00
Boags Premium/premium light - $7.00
Cascade draught - $7.00
Cider List
Lost Pippin Apple Cider - $7.00
Simply Cider Wild Cherry or Apple & Ginger - $7.00
Franks Cider Apple, Pear, Cherry and Raspberry
Ginger Beer (alcoholic)
Spreyton Hard Ginger Beer - $7.00
Tasmanian Moonshine Company spirits and liqueurs tasting paddle from $12.00 (4 x ½ shots)