Hamper 18. Sweets & Cheese

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Includes the following:

Gift wrapped with a gift card

3 x Wicked cheddars 175g

1 x Wicked Soft cheese - 150g to 200g (triple cream brie/camembert or brie)

1 x Wicked blue vein 

2 x chocolate blocks 100g - Gift with a Giggle"

1 x Elly's Confectionery salted caramel bang 100g

1 x Chocolate cluster 5 pack - Gift with a Giggle"

1 x House of Fudge variety

1 x A Perfect Pear - spicy pear paste (great with soft cheese or cheddar).


**if you do not like blue vein cheese we can swap for a hard goats cheese or cloth bound cheddar** 

please put your request in order notes