Tasmanian Cheese box for 3 months!!

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Product Overview

(Freight is included)

We will deliver a Wicked Cheese Platter Box once a month for 3 months;

December, January and February or January, February and March (a Christmas card will be sent before Christmas day noting the gift packs to come).

5 Tasmanian Gourmet Cheeses (Some of our Boutique cheese range include: Wicked Cheese, By Eleni, Bream Creek Dairy & Grandvewe).

and a Tasmanian fruit paste (Spicy Pear paste, Quince, Fig & Walnut).


All soft cheeses (bries/camemberts) will have at least 30 days on them, cheddars at least 3 months.


First package will leave our store 7th December Express Post to your door with good dates so they can be eaten over Christmas, Christmas card and ribbon.

The next delivery will be 11th of January 2021

And the final delivery will be 8th of February (in time for Valentines day).


(minimum weight for Wicked and Bream Creek 150g/200g per soft cheese, Grandvewe sheep cheese 100g minimum, cheddars 175g)


**DUE TO HIGH DEMANDS ON AUST POST (options for DEC, JAN, FEB) we have been advised to send early in December to avoid long delays in shipment.