Tasmanian Gourmet Selection Gift Pack

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Gourmet Selection Gift box


Comes in 2 great options!

Both options include shipping.

Package 1:

Wild Pepper Isle Tarkine Tea 45g

The Olde Spikey bridge crunchy peanut butter 410g

Wild Pepper Isle Tassie Dukkah 60g

The Forager Co. freeze dried tasty cheddar

Coaldale Walnuts premium walnut kernals 200g

Elly's salted caramel pop 160g

House of Fudge Tasmanian Devil or Tasmanian Tiger fudge 100g

Olive Grove olive oil 250ml

Handmade wooden mouse 

Roccas fine wafer crackers (Australian made)


Package 2:

Includes all of the products in package 1 plus

Ashgrove cheese 5pk

Wicked blue vein 175g

Wicked Camembert - Chilli 200g

Wicked Triple Cream Brie 175g

Fig & walnut paste 100g

Quince paste 100g

By Eleni yoghurt cheese 300g


Shipping included.