Ashbeez Raw Untreated Honey 250g

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Ashbeez Honey is a locally produced Tasmanian raw untreated honey.


**Please note we are unable to deliver honey to Western Australia


The 2018/19 beekeeping season was one of the most adverse in Tasmanian history due to poor rainfall, high summer temperatures and devastating bush fires.  Fortunately, in contrast the 2019/20 season started off well and this honey was the result of good nectar flows from spring blossoms and flowers earlier than usual.  The resulting honey light, fruity and rich in sweetness.



Taste the flavours of the local area with honey created solely from flora of the picturesque Coal River Valley.  Predominately prickly box (Bursaria sinosa) renowned for its rapid natural candying and butterscotch flavours. It's a medium strength flavoured honey with delicate fresh floral flavours.



The hives of Ashbeez Apiaries were transported to the most South Westerly road of the Tasmanian wilderness in search of the iconic Leatherwood honey.  Tasmania is the only place on earth where this magnificent honey is produced.  I has a distinctive aroma that mimics the freshness of the pristine environment where the ancient trees call home.  It has a sharp unique taste that hits the palate immeadiatley and a floral fruitiness that lingers on.



Created in the foothills of Kunanyi (Mt Wellington), using nectar from native bushlands and semi urban flower gardens.

Bees have utilised a variety of floral sources and created a medium flavoured piquant honey with tangy notes. 



Blue Gum (Eucalyptus Globulus) is Tasmania's floral emblem and an important species of the islands ecosystem.  The honey produced from these iconic trees has a mellow yet uplifting flavour with mild minty undertones. 



The Story behind the honey....


By Ashby Newman

Prior to becoming a beekeeper I studied horticulture and become a reasonably accomplished orchardist. I discovered the fascinating world of beekeeping later in life than I would of liked when a friend showed me one of thier hives in 2013. This sparked a serious passion within me and ever since beekeeping has taken over my world. In my first year I managed to acquire 7 hives that I split the following year to 14 and didn't stop till I got to around 40. What I love about beekeeping is that I'm always learning new things about the bees and I am told that I always will be as you can never know it all. I now spend more days than not head first into a beehive. Where ever I go I'm constantly on the lookout for what is flowering in Tasmania's beautiful pristine environment and am always surprised by how much the honey flavours change depending on what the bees are foraging on.