Leapful "Goats Whey" hand cream 3 x 100ml tins - Parcel Post shipping included

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3 x 100ml  tins of hand cream delivered to your door.

Package includes:

1 x Ragged Tier

1 x Phoenix Hill

1 x The Narrows

Wrapped in coloured tissue paper with gift tag.



How did a goat farming, cheese-making couple in Tasmania end up creating skincare products?

Farming, particularly in the cold of winter is especially tough on our hands. But in spring, when we use the goats’ milk to handcraft fresh cheese, our skin is soothed, nourished and recovers. The whey that is produced from the cheese making restores our hands, making them soft and supple. 

This serendipitous discovery of the whey's beneficial qualities led us to create Leapful.


Why Whey

To understand more about whey, we first have to talk about cheese making.

Cheesemaking is an ancient form of food preservation which occurs when milk separates into curds and whey. The way we make our cheese is to add cultures to the milk to metabolise the lactose in it. This produces lactic acid which then causes the curd and whey to separate.

This is a slow and long ferment; and the use of cultures ensures more probiotics and nutrients. The lactic whey produced is then used in our cream and lotion.

Whey contains many pre and probiotic compounds that benefit our skin; it has high levels of naturally occurring Vitamin A and C, as well as amino acids and compounds such as beta-lactoglobulin, which is involved in retinol binding. It contains minerals and antioxidants. The acidic pH of the lactic whey also discourage the bacterias that cause acne.



Ragged Tier Hand Cream, 100ml

A rich and deeply absorbent hand cream to soften and regenerate working hands.

Ragged Tier scent experience is the grounding, cool, damp of rainforest and the lingering smell of campfires that have gone out long ago.
Ragged Tier hand cream comes in a 100ml reusable / recyclable / returnable aluminium tin.

Phoenix Hill Hand Cream, 100ml

A rich and deeply absorbent hand cream to soothe and restore working hands.

Phoenix Hill scent experience is the Tassie bush; gum leaves and flowering trees that softens and calms your busy mind.

The Narrows Hand Cream, 100ml

A rich deeply absorbent hand-cream to soothe and restore working hands.

The Narrows scent experience is that feeling of fresh when you dive into the cold waters, and feel revived.