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Tasmanian Moonshine Company
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Tasmanian Malt Spirit

(Formerly The Moonshine Company)

Award Winning
Available in 700ml, 375ml, 100ml.
43% Alc. vol.

Tasmanian Malt is handcrafted solely from three ingredients – Tasmanian grown then malted barley, Tasmanian water, and yeast. Batch distilled, then rested in fine oak barrels for maturation.

Offering clean, intense, fresh and sweetened fruit aromas with fresh vanilla and coconut characters. Add some air to bring out the malt biscuit notes, with a bit of mint, and a hint of butter.

Craft distilled, oak rested and hand bottled at our distillery based in the heart of Hobart, means each small batch holds its own distinctive characteristics and signature.

Our Tasmanian Malt Barrel Aged is the purest and smoothest spirit available and is designed to bear testimony to Tasmania’s fine produce and unique climate.

Best served neat, on ice or with water.


Tasmanian Mellifera

 Gold-Award Winning

Available in 700ml, 375ml, 100ml.
35% Alc. vol.


We have melded the natural flavours of Tasmania’s Lake Pedder honey, citrus zest, cinnamon and other spices, into our very own Tasmanian Malt.


Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur

Hand Crafted

Available in 700ml, 375ml, 100ml.
20% Alc. vol.

For the coffee purists, handcrafted to perfection, our Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur is the ideal blend between the finest dark roasted coffee bean, a creamy, chocolate coffee bean, and triple-distilled Tasmanian Grain Vodka.

A rich, intense coffee flavour intended to be drank neat, with ice, or used in a variety of cocktails.