Wicked Cheese - Gift boxed Cheese 6 pack (GP6)

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This gift wrapped Cheese Platter box has all you need to create your very own cheese platter.

The gift boxed cheeses are packaged in a black box, with red tissue paper and a red ribbon to top it off.

Included the follwing 6 cheeses:

1 x Wicked Brie 200g - smooth and creamy

1 x Wicked Camembert 200g -  Slightly salty and with a hint of mushroom flavour, this cheese will transform as it matures to a gorgeous gooey texture.

1 x Wicked Blue Vein  175g - The even dispersions of mould present a subtle blue flavour with a developed character.

1 x Wicked Smoked Cheddar 175g - Slightly buttery with a clean sharp acidic flavour that develops complexity with further ageing. The cheddar is delicately smoked with hardwoods.

1 x Wicked Farmhouse Cheshire 175g - A farmhouse style cheddar, a little softer in texture with a more sharper and salter taste than our Vintage cheddar.

1 X Wicked Chilli Cheddar 175g - Vintage cheddar cheese infused with Chilli - Medium to hot!