Wild Pepper Isle Tea 45g

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As if Chai Masala wasn’t spicy enough we’ve packed it full of Australian native spices for a bit of a Tassie twist!

Dried Tasmanian pepperberries give it a sweet, fruity dimension with a delayed lingering heat.
Dried Tasmanian pepper leaves give a herbal, green tea quality while adding to the slow warming peppery bite.
Anise Myrtle gives it a subtle delicate aniseed flavour without being too overpowering.


Tarkine Tea 

The Tarkine region in the north west of Tasmania is the second largest expanse of cool temperate rainforest in the world!! Much like our tea it is refreshing, healthy and wild, and it is where we source some of our ingredients.

As well as being delicious, so many health benefits are associated with these amazing Australian native ingredients. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial,  Anti-fungal, anti-oxidant…


Forest Infusion - Rosehip, Pepperberry & Kunzea Tea

This pink floral tea may look a bit sissy, but it packs a punch!

Each ingredient in this 100% Tasmanian tea is sustainably harvested, hand picked, pesticide free & packed full of health benefits.